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Hello, my name is Paul Moses virtual assistant based in London, online marketing consultant and creator of 

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners who typically struggle with time, motivation, long working hours and social or family commitments, and would like to stop doing the things in their business that take up too much time so they focus on the things they love i.e. paying clients!

What separates my service from other virtual assistants is that I know the stress of running a business, I have supported my wife and plenty of other people like you through all aspects of business and I know what It takes to make a go of things. I’ve have been there and understand that at times it can be a lonely place especially when things get overwhelming and you desperately need support. And because of this, my clients get someone who understands their business, focused help and is able to deliver great results!
 And ultimately they get more free time and dramatically improve their work-life balance instantly.

Why I do what I do!


In the last 12 years of my professional career, I’ve worked in various different multinational companies from retail to marketing in the UK. I got to a point where I was working 50+ hours plus a week, spending long periods away from home and missing out on family and social life and I just felt that there was something out there for me but I wasn’t sure what it was at that point.

In 2011 I became injured with a spine injury which caused me to have 3 months of work and all I knew is I couldn’t  continue working like this. I became very frustrated, low and depressed with my situation and wanted to find a way out. I became bitter with my employers as I felt they didn’t appreciate a number of hours I was doing week in and week out. And strangely enough, I was jealous of my friends who all seemed to have the perfect work life balance.

While I was off from work, I was helping my wife with her fitness business. She was overwhelmed stressed and overworked with the amount of tasks she had to do on a day-to-day basis and was on the verge of giving up. I knew how much she loved her job and how much help she gives to others to get the results they deserve. So after a period of time I started to help with her admin, marketing, website content e.t.c and her business started to flourish!

2012 I attended a seminar for a fitness and wellness professionals on my partners’ behalf where I made contact with some inspirational people who were dedicating their lives to help others. Whilst networking with these fit pro’s the main issue or complaint of theirs was fitting in the time to deal with the time-consuming aspects of their business.

I was really inspired by what I had heard and thought of working  with fitness wellness professionals seemed really appealing to me as fitness and my own well being has always been a big part of my life since I can remember.

Enough was enough! I decided it was time to change my situation, I wanted to wake up every morning with a purpose.  All I knew is that I wanted to help others and I had the necessary skills to be able to be a big support to others in their business…. so I created HANS3  Virtual business management and assistance.

Paul Moses

I have made a commitment to myself to make the rest of my life long, happy and fulfilled as possible through doing work that I love and stress-free from working ridiculously long hours.  And I have since also made that commitment to everyone entrepreneur who wants to have the business that they desire without working long hours to get there, I will do everything I possibly can to support and help them to achieve that.


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Paul Moses

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