Paying too much for your Accountant?

Would you like to know how to save money on your Accountant’s bill? Introducing….


Grab your FREE 30 day trial on this new online & mobile accounting software.

Zlogg is an online and mobile cloud accounting software which allows you to:

  • Produce simple accounts suitable to submit your tax return
  • Send invoices from your mobile device and get paid online
  • Take a quick snap of your receipt from your mobile on the go
  • Produce reports and monitor your business immediately
  • Submit your own tax return direct to HMRC

All at the click of a button or touch of a screen. It’s really is that simple!

How do you save money with this?

With your accounts so neatly composed, all your Accountant needs to do is fill in the boxes and file your return..!!

All those costly bookkeeping hours are gone. Why not give it a go..!!


  • Productivity 100%

Sign Up For Your FREE 30 Day Trial Today!

Designed to suit the modern day business owner who wishes to have up- to- date business information to hand. Zlogg is at your fingertips. Available anytime, anyplace, everywhere. Take Zlogg for a test drive and see what you think.



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