How To Successfully Overcome Overwhelm

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.40.10It feels like the days are going by faster, and the months are getting shorter. Yesterday seems like the first day of the year, yet the year is rapidly coming to a close.

With time feeling like it’s going at such a fast pace, organisations can easily drift astray and make mistakes for fear of missing deadlines and fall behind their competition. Seeing other people achieve their goals can be a wonderful thing, however, when the desire to be just a successful kicks in, sometimes there can be a feeling of comparison which leads to regret, and possibly becoming burnt out. For some, a feeling of overwhelm takes over, and it seems like it’ll stick around forever.

How Do You Cope When That Happens?

Here are some words to live by – the feeling will pass. There will be days full of boundless creativity, and there will be moments that feel like a blank page. It’s all a part of life. But what you must remember is that you’re doing your best, well, hopefully. You can only give your all – nothing more is ever expected.

Even if things aren’t going as you’d expect, you should remember how amazing you are. Being scared, upset and anxious at what’s happening now doesn’t do any good for tomorrow. Always remember that this too shall pass!

Here are some tips to help speed up the process!


Step Away

Taking time off doesn’t mean failure; it’s a moment to recharge and regroup. By stepping away from business affairs for a few hours, or a couple of days, you’re able to recharge. Just the thought of having a load of work to complete can be draining, which is why everyone should put the ‘to do list’ on hold for an hour or so a day, and then come back ready to take massive action!

Connecting with Others

Spending time with people who are inspiring or offer great words of wisdom and business ethics is a great idea. These are the people that can motivate and/or inspire you to be truly successful and this is why it’s always a great idea, regardless of whether the inspirational person is a family member, friend or business associate. Speaking to this person about challenges could easily bring about a new perspective or possibly a solution, or even just a helpful suggestion from someone that really understands.

Consider Outsourcing

Taking on a lot can be stressful, especially when your business is understaffed. This doesn’t mean you need to hire full or part-time staff to handle the job, as these requirements can outsource instead. This gives you the ability to hire the workers you need, exactly when you need them and when the work is all caught up – the outsourcing stops until such services are required again.

Outsourcing can be done with a personal assistant, administration requirements, website design, virtually anything creative and the list goes on and on so regardless of what you need to be done, there’s likely a highly qualified person to outsource the job to straightaway.

Connect with Your Inner Self

You should take some time to connect with yourself every single day. Getting sidetracked is easy to do, and this includes forgetting why you established your business in the first place. Take some time to reconnect to your business; play around and enjoy it. Always remember what was so great about starting your business. Go back to the original objective of your business, and see if it’s been achieved.

Everyone Has Superpowers

Realising these powers is simple… Look at your testimonials. Read over the awesome feedback your clients and customers have given you. Remember that everything your business does is helping someone, and that’s a gift. Listen to every positive testimonial carefully and make sure you share these with others, especially prospective clients and customers down the line.

Being a business owner can be tough at times and of course good days and bad days are all a part of the process, but business ownership can also be such a personally rewarding experience that honestly – would you ever have chosen differently?

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How To Successfully Overcome Overwhelm

by Paul Moses time to read: 3 min
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