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You’ve been running your business for a while now, You need to get things done but time is a major factor you. You fear things are slipping through the cracks because your finding it hard to keep up with everything. You wan’t a successful business but having a work life balance is just as important. You procrastinate when it’s time to implement new strategies or marketing in your business. You may not be new to business and you’ve been doing this a while but you never thought it would be so much hard work to get your name out there.

what your issues tend to be


What Your Issues Tend To Be

You want your business to be successful, you want to grow and get more clients but fear this is going to take up to much of your time. You’ve decided it’s time you were rewarded for all the time you give to people and you feel you deserve to make more money and have more to for yourself. You just don’t know where to start. You didn’t get into the fitness, health and wellness industry to be an accountant, web designer or a marketer so you realise something has to change. You feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to do. things are starting to fall through the cracks and you know if you want to get to the next step your going to need support to get there.


What You Need Help With Right Now

You need to generate more money and stick to what your good at. You know it’s time to let go of some of the non cash generating tasks to get out there in a bigger way. You need to really start feeling more successful and know that you’re not alone anymore. You want to  start moving forward without the daily procrastination of your to do list. You know it’s time to outsource but your worried that bring someone in as they may not get you or your business.

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What my clients say

“Before I started working with Paul I felt I was drowning. I knew the things I needed to get done to put my growing business on a professional level. I had done my best, I had a website and was sending out weekly ezines but the layouts on both looked quite amateur and the ezines were taking me a long time to prepare. I felt really pressured by the IT side of my business. My google rating was poor so people were not finding me easily.

Only how much it was all going to cost me. I had met Paul at seminars and had heard other people rave about how he had helped them and as a result of his input grow their businesses. I have no reservations about the cost now. I pay Paul in blocks of ten hours but he works like lightning because those ten hours seem to last an age.

It’s such a good feeling knowing that Paul is there in the background to turn to for advice on marketing. Recently he pointed out that people were looking at my website but not contacting me. We made a change in the gift I offer people who visited the website to a free guest pass and that improved the number of people clicking through and contacting me. He understands the world of google ratings, SEO bounce rates’ Facebook advertising etc. which is another world to me. He helped me to design my new website liaising with the website designer so that it was as stress free as possible for me. He told me what he needed from me and looked at the content I provided, tweaking (with my permission) to improve the SEO. He revamped my ezines so that they look really professional. All I do now is to send him a word document once a week and the ezine is created beautifully and appears in peoples inboxes and throughout social medical sites! It’s liberating.

The best results from working with Paul a lot of pressure is removed from me and my google rating is fantastic so a lot of people find me via an internet search”. Vicky Haworth

Clinical Pilates Teacher, Qualified Nurse and Specialist in Exercise for Lower Back Pain.

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