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Where your at

You need to get on top of everything but don’t know where to start. Your business needs a revamp from top to bottom but your overwhelmed and need support to get things done. You’re open-minded and understand that you are going to have to behave differently if you want different results. You don’t have the time to be on the phone to the Web Designer, PA, Logo designer, Accountant, You want someone to look after everything so you can get your business out there in a bigger way.

Virtual assistant in london


The problems you have right now

You’ve got too much to do and not enough time and you feel like your relationships and personal life is suffering as a consequence. You want someone to take the pressure off by being a sounding board and giving you structure and opportunities to double your income without doubling your workload. Your workload growing so you’re now feeling overwhelmed by all the demands on your time. You really hate doing your own admin and find it mind-numbingly dull. You waste time trying to do fairly simple tasks and end up struggling to meet deadlines and getting work done.



What You Need Help With Most Right Now

You need someone to be there and help manage your the parts of your business you hate, You wan’t complete support and some to just be there when you need them most. You need someone “on the ground” to see to your interests so you can solely focus on other area’s of you business. You want to free up your time to focus on your business instead of IN your business. You want to grow your business with Minimum cost without compromising on QUALITY. You want someone who will actually care about your business and your success. as you’ve tried this before and have had your fingers burnt.

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What my clients say

“Its a funny thing growing your business as we all do what we are good at and in my case it is helping people to develop a strong core, increase their flexibility, Tone up and create a more positive and poised posture. I do this by delivering inspirational exercises classes based around core stability, such as Pilates.

I know that if i can get people into my classes they not only sign up for a course but they really do stay for years and years. That is the good bit, the bad bit is How do i get them into my classes, how do i market myself in a way that will attract clients and without me stressing about what is the best marketing methods, how do i pull together a newsletter, how do i send it out to my client base email list, how do i build a website, what needs to go on the website that will make people want to come to me etc etc etc.

“It is all so frustrating if you are not a marketer or you are useless at tecky stuff and yet if your business is not marketed then how do people get to know about the wonderful services you offer and how can you reach out to more people?

Well eight months ago that was me!!! And i really was thinking about chucking the towel in or accepting that my business would not build any more!

It was then that i was introduced to Paul and the services he offered and i have to be honest the ‘over and above’ extra value that he gives you.

Paul took on my weekly ezines and immediately more potential clients were contacting me asking me about how i could help them. Paul also designed my website and helped to create my High Value gift.

Up Until Paul took over my marketing, my level 3 Pilates courses were running at about 4 students on each course. Today i have just finished assessing 8 Students (who incidentally passed with flying colours) and i have to put the 100% growth down to Pauls amazing work and advice that he has given me in the last 8 months.

If you are at a loss about what to do about how to market yourself, do yourself the best favour you can and call Paul as he really and truely is awesome at what he does and how he can drive your business forward.

I really do not know how i survived without him!” Donna Noll

Personal Trainer, Pilates Level 3 Instructor, Back care specialist, Education Tutor and Assessor,

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