What my clients say

“Paul started as my VA for my company but quite honestly, he feels like my business partner. Paul not only puts my interests and the progression of my company before his own, he also walks every step with me. Paul is absolutely amazing, he does all the things that I can’t, thinks up all the new techniques and methods that I don’t understand, does all the normal VA stuff but the thing with Paul Moses is… He is not just ANY normal VA. He is the backbone of my company and it would not be the success it is today without him. For me, the best thing about working with Paul is his undying love and support each step of the way. No matter what disaster and challenge I have thrown at him, both personally and from a business stand point (and there have been A LOT) he has stood by my side and continuously pushed me to improve my business and keep stepping forward no matter what.

When I do my accounting for each month, the first thing that gets budgeted for and then paid for is rent for my home, and then Paul. That statement should tell you just how important he is to the progression of my company. He is without fail the best asset of my business, through all the success, the tears and challenges, he has been through it all with me and even though I may be distracted… Paul is 100% focused on moving my business forward. Paul makes owning and running a company easier, and he makes the life of a solo entrepreneur that much more fun, stress free and exciting! While I get to dream up new goals and live in the future of my visions, Paul is right there in the front line helping to construct all of my dreams into a reality, planning step by step strategic routines and implementing them one day at a time. There is no financial equivalent to having someone by your side and dedicated to help make YOUR dreams a reality. That person is Paul”. Kate Mctaggart

Personal trainer & Lifestyle coach

“Its a funny thing growing your business as we all do what we are good at and in my case it is helping people to develop a strong core, increase their flexibility, Tone up and create a more positive and poised posture. I do this by delivering inspirational exercises classes based around core stability, such as Pilates.

I know that if i can get people into my classes they not only sign up for a course but they really do stay for years and years. That is the good bit, the bad bit is How do i get them into my classes, how do i market myself in a way that will attract clients and without me stressing about what is the best marketing methods, how do i pull together a newsletter, how do i send it out to my client base email list, how do i build a website, what needs to go on the website that will make people want to come to me etc etc etc.

“It is all so frustrating if you are not a marketer or you are useless at tecky stuff and yet if your business is not marketed then how do people get to know about the wonderful services you offer and how can you reach out to more people?

Well eight months ago that was me!!! And i really was thinking about chucking the towel in or accepting that my business would not build any more!

It was then that i was introduced to Paul and the services he offered and i have to be honest the ‘over and above’ extra value that he gives you.

Paul took on my weekly ezines and immediately more potential clients were contacting me asking me about how i could help them. Paul also designed my website and helped to create my High Value gift.

Up Until Paul took over my marketing, my level 3 Pilates courses were running at about 4 students on each course. Today i have just finished assessing 8 Students (who incidentally passed with flying colours) and i have to put the 100% growth down to Pauls amazing work and advice that he has given me in the last 8 months.

If you are at a loss about what to do about how to market yourself, do yourself the best favour you can and call Paul as he really and truely is awesome at what he does and how he can drive your business forward.
I really do not know how i survived without him!” Donna Noll

Personal Trainer, Pilates Level 3 Instructor, Back care specialist, Education Tutor and Assessor, Infitnesstraining.co.uk

“Working with Paul is like a breath of fresh air, there is something so Lovely about knowing your ‘stuff’ is in Pauls’ safe and capable hands. Knowing that what you need to get out, goes out effortlessly and on time is a huge relief when as a business owner there are so many demands on your time. Working with Paul is a no brainer if you want to grow your business without you having to do everything, it frees you up to focus on working with your clients and not on your business”. Michele Walsh

Business Confidence Mentor

“I have been working with Paul for over a year now and boy, what a difference he has made to my life. I used to sweat over my newsletters not really understanding how to make them look fun to read and sort out the layout so that it looked professional and enticing. Paul does this for me and every time I see my newsletter I feel really proud that it shows my professionalism through his techy hands. He is also such a super guy to work with, really easy and accommodating in times of crisis and uber friendly.

Thank you Paul for being such a star VA and I look forward to working with you for many more years”. Julie Regan

Pilates teacher

“Paul is amazing at what he does. He is conscientious and hard working – and he delivers. I no longer have to worry about getting my newsletters out on time. I just send them to him and he does the rest. Recently he worked on my SEO taking my newish business to the first page of Google in a matter of weeks. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough”. Wendy Capewell

Counsellor & Confidence Coach – Adv Dip. MBACP (Accred), Hypnotherapist (Dip). MNCH (Reg) Specialist in Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Eating

“Before I started to work with Paul Moses I was suffering with overwhelm and would feel lost as what to do, I had so much to do and so much going on abound in my head i would just end up not doing anything. Paul got me to start being consent with things I was working on with my business he helped me with videos and SEO them so they could be found online, he worked on setting up my events and feeling them up for my talks. He did Facebook marking that to bring me in business. He told me what he needed from me and looked at the content I provided, making changes when needed (with my permission) to improve the SEO I am a lot more focused now days on getting what needs to be done with my business, and I can honestly say that this was down to Paul direction and guidance. Very professional and trustworthy guy to work with, highly recommended Paul services to anyone. Thanks for your help.”

Micheal Hilton

Life coach & mentor, Addiction Expert, Public Speaker., Micheal Hilton

Toby Trundle

Uk’s number 1 Obesity and weight loss coach


Pre & Post Natal Exercise Coach

Kate & Mark

Lifestyle Conseirge Coaches

“Before I started working with Paul I felt I was drowning. I knew the things I needed to get done to put my growing business on a professional level. I had done my best, I had a website and was sending out weekly ezines but the layouts on both looked quite amateur and the ezines were taking me a long time to prepare. I felt really pressured by the IT side of my business. My google rating was poor so people were not finding me easily.


Only how much it was all going to cost me. I had met Paul at seminars and had heard other people rave about how he had helped them and as a result of his input grow their businesses. I have no reservations about the cost now. I pay Paul in blocks of ten hours but he works like lightning because those ten hours seem to last an age.

It’s such a good feeling knowing that Paul is there in the background to turn to for advice on marketing. Recently he pointed out that people were looking at my website but not contacting me. We made a change in the gift I offer people who visited the website to a free guest pass and that improved the number of people clicking through and contacting me. He understands the world of google ratings, SEO bounce rates’ Facebook advertising etc. which is another world to me. He helped me to design my new website liaising with the website designer so that it was as stress free as possible for me. He told me what he needed from me and looked at the content I provided, tweaking (with my permission) to improve the SEO. He revamped my ezines so that they look really professional. All I do now is to send him a word document once a week and the ezine is created beautifully and appears in peoples inboxes and throughout social medical sites! It’s liberating.

The best results from working with Paul a lot of pressure is removed from me and my google rating is fantastic so a lot of people find me via an internet search”.

Vicky Haworth

Clinical Pilates Instructor

“Working with Paul has instantly relieved me of lots of work AND given me access to a super approachable and extremely knowledgeable chap who advises and recommends stuff that really works for my fitness business.  He knows the techie and marketing stuff that I don’t. No hesitation in recommending Paul Moses, superhero”.

Noelle Watson

Clinical Pilates Teacher, Qualified Nurse and Specialist in Exercise for Lower Back Pain.

“Before I started working with Paul I was lacking in direction for what the next steps should be to grow my business and move it forward. I knew that I needed to get an Ezine going out to my clients/mailing list every week but I was completely intimidated by the ‘techie’ side of things and didn’t even know where to start.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools to draw on, he is an expert guide who has helped me get my message out there in the most effective way possible (I’m “fully booked”) – and explains things in lay-mans terms so that I understand it too!

So now, not only does my Ezine go out weekly (looking professional and way better than I could do!) but he has helped me with numerous other projects – like videos for my Ezines, my first workshops and webinars where his help was invaluable. All things that just wouldn’t get done without his his help and support.

Paul goes above and beyond the call of duty to get things done for his clients, his attention to detail and the fact that he really cares about his clients shines through. I can’t recommend Paul highly enough, he is great at what he does and I wouldn’t work with anyone else!” Jackie Ashdown

Holistic Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist & Anti-Ageing Specialist, www.age-drop.com

“I have been a Personal Trainer for over 8 years, had a type of website but it was useless and really better off if people didn’t see it really as it looked very unprofessional.

It was really easy to work with ‘PA Paul’, we had regular phone calls and email and it was always easy to talk to and get in touch if and when I needed. He got everything I wanted doing done and done better than I had hoped for, and faster than expected too. I was really pleased.

Communication was easy with Paul, he spoke my language and it was easy to get hold of him when needed and he always found out what I needed quickly and left no stone unturned.

To anyone thinking of working with Paul I would totally recommend it 100%, if you have a one off certain job you need sorting he is your man and he will do it fast and cover everything in depth. If you need help with a bundle of tasks he will help you get them sorted and free you up so you can do the things you love (the things you hate he does them happily?!) which ultimately makes you happier, more efficient and able to make more money. Thank you Paul” Robbie Linsell

Owner, Personal Trainer, Paragon Fitness Studio

“I hired Paul as a one-off to help me with the running of my first seminar. Because I invested in his services, the morning ran smoothly without a hitch, which was exactly what I wanted. He took care of everything from the hiring of the venue to the exact timing of the seminar schedule… no stone was left unturned. Plus his friendly, but professional, manner made everyone feel at ease. Next time I need the help of a VA/PA, Paul will no doubt get the job.” Theresa Fowler

Author of FEEL LIKE SH*T? How to Stop BEING Fat. The UK's Only No Diet, No Calorie Counting, Real Food Expert

“Before I met Paul I was struggling to get the content of my website up. As i was just overly busy trying to start up my company SLR Fitness. It came to a point where I had to take drastic action or it was never going to get done and I was just going to keep falling behind.

I got in contact with Paul who came out to see me to discuss as to what I envisioned the site to be, he asked questions he suggested ideas he was very thorough. He set a deadline told you what he needed of you and double checked with you before anything is finalized and within two weeks it was completed and uploaded onto the website.

What took months to do was completed in two weeks with Paul’s guidance and expertise. I would definitely recommend his services” Stefan Lloyd

Owner, SLR Fitness

“Before i started to work with Paul my schedule was over loaded and nothing seemed to get done. all the jobs i dislike doing like going onto the computer creating marketing material was bogging me down, everything seemed to take so long and it effected my focus when i was in the gym!

I was a bit skeptical about weather Paul could be fast moving and weather he could do a variety of jobs, that i needed doing!

The process has been amazing and i can truly say since i started working with Paul my business is blowing up! his enthusiasm is great and he is so passionate about seeing my business improve, sometimes he seems more passionate then me!! lol. he also has inside knowledge of how a personal trainer or health coach should market themself, as his wife is in the same field, this gives my business a massive advantage!

The best result I have got from Paul would be, my business is so much more professional now, and my target market are more aware of what I’m doing. also i have a lot more free time to coach my clients which makes me more money! “ Benjamin Naylor

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Beyond Boundaries

Helen Cox

Studio owner/ Online ME, Pre & Post Natal Specialist

Debbie Beling

Women’s Transformation Coach

Benjamin Naylor

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Beyond Boundaries
We had no idea how to go about setting up our website or ezine and we had a limited knowledge of what and how to best schedule our content on Facebook. Whatever we were working on was taking up so much of our time we were struggling to get the other important business stuff done! We knew when we met Paul that he would sort it for us and we haven’t been disappointed. Paul has been really helpful, we have never been in any doubt about whether any of our requirements would be met, and feel complete confidence in Paul to get the job done. Paul has gone the extra mile for us which we are exceptionally grateful for. He made us accountable and far more organised than we were when we started working with Paul.” Thank you Debbie & Sharon

Owner, The Hypopresive company

“I am so excited to have received my new logo(s) from the Wonderful Paul Moses.

I recently ordered a new logo from an Internet site that has been used by a number of other members of the FBF family. They weren’t coming up with anything that I liked or inspired me, and it was draining my positive energy.
Paul offered to take it off my hands, and when he failed to get what I wanted from the logo Website he commissioned someone to create me a logo from scratch (it seems many logo designers use a catalogue of pre-drawn images, which is why they often look similar)

I am now the proud owner of a logo with 4 different looks (black & white/colour options) and in .jpg .gif & .eps formats.

Paul D Moses you are AMAZING! and I am so glad you are working with me to help me grow my business xxx” Tanya Ellis

Owner, Energy To Excel

“Paul You’ve motivated me to keep going and always see my vision without me even having to say anything. Your enthusiasm with your creative ideas is amazing and the closer I get to doing what I love the more excited I’m becoming. You’re awesome and I can’t wait for another amazing year working with you….” Neusa Catoja

Founder & Creator, 5 Star Physique

“Paul is an experienced and enthusiastic marketing expert. We met him at a training seminar and he was very helpful and encouraging. He clarified our marketing needs and goals clearly and setup our 1st email campaign and designed a new logo for us, it was simply brilliant.

Paul is a great person to work with and and is both motivational and encouraging. You can rely on him to do what he says. We have already recommended his services to others. We will back!” Alison & Valerie Hancock


“Before I started working with Paul I tried to do consistent marketing and would send out a few ezines and then I’d have a week of interruptions and not send one and before I knew it a month had gone and I had lost my consistent marketing. This happened on several occasions, I’d start and then it would stop again. This was affecting my confidence in being able to have a business and market it to get more clients and help more people, I was really struggling.

My reservation was really what if Paul and I don’t get on, what if he doesn’t understand how I work and what I am all about and what my business is about.

Paul made it clear from the start about how he liked to work and that he was going to make my life easier. I like it because I can ask for what I want and he has made my life easier. I now have really consistent marketing, I know my ezine goes out on time and has great content in it. Paul is on the ball and always has the success stories in it and whatever my focus is for the week.

I could mention lots of things like the ezines, the photos, getting me to create great content and making the ezines work and flow, BUT really the one best result I’ve got from working with Paul is, today I told him how I wanted to make my business bigger and I want to play really big. I laid it out to him the plans behind it and his response was ‘I’m in, no questions asked’ he wants to play big too and that just confirmed to me what a great decision I made by working with him, I love having him on my side……….my biggest result is yet to come, watch this space”. Alison

Personal Trainer, Owner, Feeling Fantastic Over Forty

“Paul is a gifted and very intelligent man who has a lot to say that is wreath hearing. His insight to general life is refreshing and his caring nature is humbling. Paul is a person who is destine for great things and his commitment to what ever he applies himself too. He is undoubtedly what it says on the tin, every bit value for money and 200% the guaranteed product/service. Paul is an excellent communicator and a supportive co worker and we have become true friends because of this. He is what they call a true spirit and in business there is no second place in his eyes as he always has his eye on the prize!!”

Team Lambeth Boxing Club

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